Open Innovation 2.0: Sustainable Economy & Society Conference

Dublin, Ireland

Open Innovation 2.0: Sustainable Economy & Society Conference

20-21 May 2013, Dublin, Ireland


The European Commission, Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group, Intel Labs Europe, Dublin City Council, Trinity College Dublin co-organise the unique working conference, in May 2013, Dublin. Open Innovation 2.0 (OI2) is a new paradigm based on principles of integrated collaboration, shared value, new innovation ecosystems and rapid adoption. It is the new paradigm for individuals and organisations to generate prosperity and harness the opportunities together. 

OI2 has a significant impact is Sustainable economy and society. The collision of digital transformations, mass collaboration and sustainability creates a multitude of new opportunities and options where services can be created, improving quality of life while achieving better resource efficiencies and high value creation. The objective of this conference is to bring together thought leaders, senior decision makers, policy leaders, leading executives and social innovators and through OI2 initiate a manifesto, platform and roadmap for Sustainable economy and society development. The event is organised under the patronage of the Irish Presidency of the European Union 2013.

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