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Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid

Postal Address

  • Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
    European Commission
    B-1049 Brussels - Belgium

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Visitors' Addresses

  • Square Frère Orban, 8 (ORBN)
    (on the north side of the square marked Guimard on the map below)
  • Covent Garden, Place Rogier, 16 - see map (PDF - 1 MB)
  • Rue du Champs de Mars, 21 (CDMA)
Phone: +32 2 29 911111
Phone: +32 2 29 +ext (direct)

To find CDMA and ORBN - click on the map below
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Organisation chart

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Effective: 1 September 2017

Director-General: Robert-Jan Smits

Assistant to the Director-General: Anne Mallaband

  • Principal Adviser: "Migration"
    Octavio Quintana Trias

  • Adviser: "Scientific Culture"
    Gabor Mihaly Nagy

  • Principal Adviser: "ERC - Director of the agency"
    Pablo Amor

  • Principal Adviser: "REA - Director of the agency"
    Marc Tachelet

    Deputy Director-General: Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World: Wolfgang Burtscher

    • Adviser: "Added value of Research and Innovation of the European Union"
      Pierre Vigier

    • Adviser: "Task Force: Rules for participation of FP9"
      Liliane De Wolf

    • Unit 1: Scientific Advice Mechanism
      Head of Unit: Johannes Klumpers


    Directorate A - Policy development and coordination
    Director: Kurt Vandenberghe

    • Adviser: "R&I Policy Development and Coordination"
      Brendan Hawdon

    • A.1: Communication
      Head of Unit: Minna Wilkki

    • A.2: Interinstitutional relations and Internal Coordination
      Head of Unit: Maria Olivan Aviles

    • A.3: Horizon 2020 Policy and Foresight
      Head of Unit: Renzo Tomellini

    • A.4: Analysis and Monitoring of National Research and Innovation Policies
      Head of Unit: Roman Arjona Gracia

    • A.5: Better Regulation
      Head of Unit: Rosalinde van der Vlies

    • A.6: Open Data Policy and Science Cloud
      Head of Unit: Jean-Claude Burgelman

    • Directorate A - Policy development and coordination

    Directorate B - Open Innovation and Open Science
    Director: Jean-David MALO

    • Adviser: "EUREKA"
      Nina Commeau-Yannoussis

    • Adviser: "Legal aspects of new financial instruments"
      Nicolas Sabatier

    • B.1: Open Innovation
      Head of Unit: Matthew King

    • B.2: Open Science and ERA policy
      Head of Unit: Fabienne Gautier

    • B.3: SMEs, Financial instruments and State aid
      Head of Unit: Stephane Ouaki

    • B.4: Research Infrastructure
      Head of Unit: Ales Fiala

    • B.5: Spreading of excellence and widening participation
      Head of Unit: Magda De Carli

    • B.6: Open and inclusive societies
      Head of Unit: Harald Hartung

    • B.7: Science with and for Society
      Head of Unit: Ana Arana Antelo

    • B.8: Administration and finance
      Head of Unit: Pascale Cid

    • Directorate B - Open Innovation and Open Science

    Directorate C - International Cooperation
    Director: Maria Christina Russo

    • Adviser: "Relations with International organisations"

    • C.1: Strategy, EFTA and enlargement countries, Russia, Asia and Pacific
      Head of Unit: Konstantinos Glinos

    • C.2: North America, Latin America and Caribbean
      Head of Unit: Begoña Arano

    • C.3: European neighbourhood, Africa and Gulf
      Head of Unit: Andrea Carignani di Novoli

    • Directorate C - International Cooperation

    Deputy Director-General: Research Programmes: Jack Metthey (acting)


        Directorate D - Industrial Technologies
        Director: Peter Dröll

          • D.1: Strategy
            Head of Unit: Doris Schröcker

          • D.2: Advanced manufacturing systems and biotechnologies
            Head of Unit: Jurgen Tiedje

          • D.3: Advanced materials and nanotechnologies
            Head of Unit: Helene Chraye

          • D.4: Coal and steel
            Head of Unit: Herve Martin

          • D.5: Administration and finance
            Head of Unit: Johen Brodersen (acting)

        • Directorate D - Industrial Technologies

        Directorate E - Health
        Director: Line Matthiessen-Guyader (acting)

        • E.1: Strategy
          Head of Unit: Cornelius Schmaltz

        • E.2: Innovative and Personalised medicine
          Head of Unit: Irene Norstedt

        • E.3: Fighting infectious diseases and advancing public health
          Head of Unit: Line Matthiessen-Guyader

        • E.4: Non-Communicable diseases and the challenge of healthy ageing
          Head of Unit: Maria José Vidal-Ragout

        • E.5: Innovative tools, technologies and concepts in health research
          Head of Unit: Maria Aguar Fernandez

        • E.6: Administration and finance
          Head of Unit: Milagros Bas Sanchez

        • Directorate E - Health

        Directorate F - Bioeconomy
        Director: John Bell

        • Adviser: "Sustainable Bioeconomy"
          Thomas Arnold

        • F.1: Strategy
          Head of Unit: Waldemar Kütt

        • F.2: Biobased products and processing
          Head of Unit: Gaia Fantechi

        • F.3: Agri-Food chain
          Head of Unit: Barend Verachtert

        • F.4: Marine resources
          Head of Unit: Sieglinde Gruber

        • F.5: Administration and finance
          Head of Unit: Istvan Narai

        • Directorate F - Bioeconomy

        Directorate G - Energy
        Director: Patrick Child (acting)

        • G.1: Strategy
          Head of Unit: Gwennael Joliff-Botrel

        • G.2: Advanced energy production
          Head of Unit: Jose Cotta

        • G.3: Renewable energy sources
          Head of Unit: Piotr Tulej

        • G.4: Fission Energy
          Head of Unit: Rita Lecbychova

        • G.5: Fusion Energy
          Head of Unit: Elena Righi Steele

        • G.6: Administration and finance
          Head of Unit: Alexandros Iatrou (acting)

        • Directorate G - Energy

        Directorate H - Transport
        Director: Clara de la Torre

          • H.1: Strategy
            Head of Unit: Tiit Jürimäe

          • H.2: Surface transport
            Head of Unit: Jean-Francois Aguinaga

          • H.3: Aviation
            Head of Unit: Sebastiano Fumero

          • H.4: Administration and finance
            Head of Unit: Silvia Bojinova

        • Directorate H - Transport

        Directorate I - Climate action and resource efficiency
        Director: Jack Metthey

        • Adviser: "Research, Innovation and Environment"
          Mireille Delprat

        • I.1: Strategy
          Head of Unit: Jean-Francois Hulot

        • I.2: Eco-Innovation
          Head of Unit: Pavel Misiga

        • I.3: Sustainable management of natural resources
          Head of Unit: Birgit De Boissezon

        • I.4: Climate action and Earth observation
          Head of Unit: Andrea Tilche

        • I.5: Administration and finance
          Head of Unit: Vincent Favrel

        • Directorate I - Climate action and resource efficiency

    Deputy Director-General: Human Resources, Budget and Common Support Centre: Patrick Child

    • Adviser: "New Organisational Structures"
      Martin Bohle


      Directorate J - Common Support Centre
      Director: Anna Panagopoulou

      • J.1: Common legal support service
        Head of Unit: Reinhard Schulte (acting)

      • J.2: Common audit service
        Head of Unit: Marina Zanchi

      • J.3: Common service for business processes
        Head of Unit: Peter Haertwich (acting)

      • J.4: Common IT Service
        Head of Unit: Stephane N’Dong

      • J.5: Common service for Horizon 2020 information and data
        Head of Unit: Gabor Mihaly Nagy (acting)

      • Directorate J - Common Support Centre

      Directorate R - Resources
      Director: Priscila Fernandez-Canadas

        • R.1: Knowledge and Information Services
          Head of Unit: Ben Tubbing

        • R.2: Budget
          Head of Unit: Jacques Van Oost

        • R.3: Strategic programming, planning and compliance
          Head of Unit: Paul Webb

        • R.4: New management modes
          Head of Unit: Marisa Atienza Morales

      • Directorate R - Resources