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Workshop on Integrated Environmental Health Impact Assessment

25 January 2011, Brussels, Belgium

The 2nd International Conference on Risk Assessment will be preceded (January 25) by an Introductory Workshop on Integrated Environmental Health Impact Assessment (IEHIA).

This workshop, organised by INTARESE, HEIMTSA and 2-FUN (three collaborative research projects, funded by the European Commission through FP6), with the support of the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission, will showcase and discuss the IEHIA concept, methods, tools and worked examples the projects have been developing. This IEHIA wider framework and methodology is taking the tradition of risk assessment an important step further by considering not simply the risk assessment of environmental pollutants, but the full environmental health impacts of policies that affect health via the environment – whether or not an effect on health is the primary purpose of the policy.

The deadline for registration is December 17th.


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