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EURATOM (fusion - fission research) at the EU-China Science and Technology Week

15-18 June 2010, Shanghai, China

The EURATOM Directorate of DG RTD teamed up with JRC and took part in the EU – China Science and Technology Week (15–18 June 2010) within the framework of the Shanghai Expo 2010. Fusion research, and in particular JET, the largest tokamak in operation in the world, was presented by Marc Beurskens (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK) in a press entitled "Fusion power for better lives - JET and elements on international collaboration of the European Fusion Programme". In collaboration with JRC, fission research (indirect actions) was addressed during a one-day conference on JRC-China science collaboration. The session on nuclear safety and security included a speech by Professor Xu Cheng who focused on the safety of nuclear power plants.  

Furthermore, the fusion educational film "Starmakers", produced by EURATOM, was screened in Chinese throughout the whole EU-China Science and Technology Week.

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