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Q: How will Horizon 2020 contribute to achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy?
A: Europe 2020, with its triple objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, is the Union's strategy for succesfully exiting the financial and economic crisis and re-taking the path towards sustainable growth. In this respect, fiscal consolidation and structural reform measures are needed for short term stabilisation of the economy, but they are not sufficient to ensure long-term growth. This requires strong investment in research and innovation, which is also needed to address pressing societal challenges such as climate change, an ageing population, or the move towards a resource efficient society. Such investment offers direct stimulus to the economy, as well as being vital to securing an excellent knowledge base and a competitive industry. It is the only way for Europe to remain competitive in a globalised world and sustain high standards of wellbeing.

This is why research and innovation are at the centre of the Europe 2020 strategy, which includes the headline objective of increasing spending on R&D to 3% GDP by 2020. It is also why its Innovation Union flagship initiative provides a comprehensive set of actions to step up research and innovation performance. Within this policy context, the Commission's proposals for the post-2013 EU Budget, including the proposals for Horizon 2020, reflect its ambition to invest in Europe's future while ensuring that EU funding benefits citizens even more than today, through a shift in resources to areas such as research and innovation.
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