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Q: For ERC Grant schemes: The PI can ask for one additional Mio Euro if he needs major research equipment. Do the depreciation rules of the HI apply also to this equipment? What exactly are the rules for this additional Mio?
A: Referring to a piece of equipment under direct costs, the general answer is that it is only the proportionate depreciation that is eligible for funding. A higher pre-financing payment may be made at the beginning of the project to ease the temporary cash flow problems of the beneficiary but the eligibility rules will remain the same. More information can be found in the Guide for Financial Issues, available at URL: (Article II.15 of ECGA � Identification of direct and indirect costs - from page 42 onwards). In case the budget table shows possible cash flow problems at the beginning of the project and this due to a heavy equipment purchase at the start, the option for a higher prefinancing could be discussed. Please note that this is more an exception than a rule, and that it should be carefully looked into this on a case-by-case basis. In practice the ERC Financial Unit first discuss this issue with the PI - HI and always ask them for a detailed request upon which they discuss the issue internally. It would be recommended in such case to advice the PI to contact the Financial Officer of his/her project for this issue.
For further information please see :  Work programme on CORDIS 
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