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Q: Will an applicant be penalised if the electronic submission system fails? Is it advisable to submit through both mechanisms?
A: In case of failing electronic submission due to a breakdown of the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS), the necessary measures are taken to avoid any penalties for applicants. This concerns however only the server system under the control of the Commission. Server congestion in the last hours before a deadline, general internet problems or failures in the computer systems on the applicants' side have to be taken into account as potential risks. Timely submission with sufficent security margin (at least one day) is a remedy for such cases. Submitting a parallel paper copy does not add security. If you are able to send a paper by normal mail to arrive by the deadline (i.e. sending a few days before), you also have sufficient margin for fixing any problems with electronic submission.

Category : Making a proposal
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