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Q: What kind of activities I should suggest to potential REGPOT1 applicants which will enable them to achieve 3rd expected impact: "Improved research capacity for increased contribution to regional economic and social development" - what is the Commission's point of view/expectations?
A: The expectations are to receive information on the way the improved research potential of the applicants will contribute to the socioeconomic sustainable development locally/regionally/nationally and/or at the European level (the Lisbon policy agenda). This is very much dependant upon the S&T themes of research of each applicant as well as of the needs of each region/country. For example, if the applicant is specialised in ICT, new knowledge production for the benefit of stakeholders (regional or national, etc) might be envisaged. In all cases, a strong research entity in a given region or country increases per se the visibility of the latter and might be at the origin of direct or indirect benefits. This has to be developed in the proposal and will be evaluated under the 'Impact' evaluation criterion. As a general rule, if the applicant proposes to set up an Advisory Group to tackle the options for further development of its research agenda/programme, representatives from the local/regional authorities (selected according to the applicants needs and appreciation), regional stakeholders (e.g. SMEs, industry, etc) and from the Ministry or services in charge of the S&T policy might participate there. This is to ensure the most sustainable increase of the research potential of the applicant notably after the end of the contract.

Category : Research Potential ( General Aspects )