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Assessing the potential for crowdfunding and other forms of alternative finance to support research and innovation

This report provides an assessment of whether alternative finance has the potential to help Europe address the problem of access to finance for innovative companies and bridge the gap in terms of access to risk capital, and if EU action is needed to support development of the sector.

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Open innovation, open science, open to the world

Reflections of the Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts (RISE) High Level Group

The book will act as the basis for further reflection and debate throughout Europe with experts and stakeholders on the economic and societal policy rationale for an open EU Research and Innovation strategy.

New horizons

Future scenarios for research & innovation policies in Europe

The growing complexity of the world will require that society develop more options for coping. Options will come from new discoveries, inventions, ideas – in short, from research and innovation. This foresight report, commissioned by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, draws on a broad range of sources about megatrends shaping the world today and projects them forward into the 2030s.