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News alert, a new interactive platform on European health research

Brussels, 8th June 2010

Today, the new online platform will be presented at the Information day on FP7 Health Research organised by the European Commission. This new platform includes all projects related to life science and health supported by the European Commission since 2004. Far from being a static database, it aims to present the projects’ latest results in terms of technology offers, patents and publications. The platform also offers a row of interactive search devices which facilitate the identification of potential collaboration partners and the set up of partnerships between academia and industry in health research. The prototype of the platform was launched during the BIO Conference in Chicago in May 2010 and has already raised a lot of interest.

Currently, the platform, which is supported by the European Commission, contains 3300 EU-funded projects. In contrary to other more static databases, it presents reliable and updated information on the projects: the results of the projects will be continuously updated thanks to cooperation agreements with top technology transfer organisations in Europe representing large research organizations such as Inserm, CNRS and the Karolinska Institutet. Therefore, the platform will contribute to a better dissemination of publicly funded research results. On top of that, it offers interesting functionalities for researchers and institutions.
At the BIO International Convention in Chicago, the prototype of the platform has attracted a lot of attention and has been seen as an important contribution to show the positive impact of research for innovation. Among others, the National Institutes of Health, which similarly to the European Commission  strive after a successful and positive dissemination of scientific activities and results, have expressed their interest in joining as cooperation partners.
The platform is being implemented by a consortium of three partners: AVEDAS AG, Inserm Transfert SA and European Federation of Biotechnology. AVEDAS provides CONVERIS, its software platform for managing research information all along the research life cycle. Inserm Transfert SA, the private subsidiary the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, has a strong experience in technology transfer, from invention disclosure to industrial partnership. The European Federation of Biotechnology, through its large membership, will strengthen the visibility of the output of the research activity supported by the European Union.

Background information

The Information Day on FP7 Health Research will take place at the Centre Albert Borschette, 36 rue Froissart, 1049 Brussels, Belgium from 8.30 to 17.00.

The database currently includes 3300 EU-funded health research projects which have been carried out by 5002 partners from the EU and other parts of the world since 2004 (see charts below).

participating organisations


Country Group

Number of countries

Number of Organizations

Associated Countries



EC Member States



ICPC* - ACP - Africa



ICPC - ACP - Caribbean



ICPC - ACP - Pacific



ICPC - Asia



ICPC - Eastern Europe and Central Asia



ICPC - Latin America



ICPC - Mediterranean Partner Countries



ICPC - Western Balkan Countries



Third countries



*ICPC stands for International Cooperation Partner Countries

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Torbjörn Ingemansson
Scientific Officer – Health Biotechnology
Directorate-General for Research – European Commission

Charlotte Gugenheim
Information and Communication Officer
Directorate-General for Research – European Commission

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