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Q: What is the percentage of reimbursement of indirect costs in the case of Coordination and Support Actions?
A: Indirect costs may be based on a flat rate or actual costs. A detailed explanation of the applicability of these methods of calculation of indirect costs can be found at Annex 3 of the Guide for Applicants. The transitional flat rate of 60% for indirect costs applies only to funding schemes that include research and technological development and demonstration activities, which is not the case for Coordination and Support Actions. In the case of Coordination and Support Actions, the reimbursement of indirect eligible costs for every beneficiary may reach a maximum of 7% of the direct eligible costs, excluding the direct eligible costs for subcontracting and the costs of resources made available by third parties which are not used on the premises of the beneficiary. More detailed information may be found in the FP7 Financial Guide.
For further information please see :  FP7 Financial Guidelines 
Category : Research Potential ( Financial and legal aspects )