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Q: Regarding the Call for proposals FP7-REGPOT-2010-1, it is stated in the work programme that a proposal should be submitted by a single proposer and no consortium agreement is necessary, but also includes in the action plan "Exchange of know-how and experience through transnational two-way secondments of research staff between the selected research entities in the qualifying regions and three or more knowledgeable and experienced partner organisations in other EU Member States...". I would like to ask you: 1. Should these research entities and experienced partner organizations be stated in the proposal (names, and role in the project)? 2. If 1 is yes, should a part of the total budget be allocated to these partners? 3. Should the proposer-research institute and the other organizations form a consortium that must be stated in the proposal?
A: Three or more knowledgeable and experienced partner organisations in other Member States or Associated Countries should be associated in the proposal's Action Plan. Therefore, it is necessary that they are identified in the proposal. A detailed description of the S&T competencies and excellence of these institutions should also be included in the proposal. Moreover, the type of activities proposed with each partner organisation as well as their objective, duration, expected impact and timing should also be described in the proposal. Neither salaries nor complements of salaries for seconded staff will be covered by the Commission under this activity. However, as a general rule, costs related to travel, accommodation and any other expenses related to the seconded staff stay abroad, excluding funding of joint research, could be eligible costs. It should be also stressed that every reimbursement as regards staff and living costs will be according to the practice in each country and individual organisation. Appropriate justification for these activities should be provided under the relevant Work package of part B of the proposal. As it is mentioned in the call fiche, "the projects must be proposed by a single public or private research entity of significant size". As a result no consortium will be stated in the proposal and the other organisations will be mentioned only as partnering organisations.

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