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Q: In FP5 it was possible for participants from EU member countries to participate in funded projects, but not to receive funding. Is this also possible in FP6?
A: In FP6 it is possible for legal entities from EU countries to participate without receiving funding. Their costs will be taken into account for calculating the total cost of the project but not the Community financial contribution. For these cases, a special clause in the model contract has been foreseen. Such a contractor is not subject to financial audits and audits on accounting and management principles referred to in Article II.29.1. As a consequence, Section 1 of Part B of Annex II (eligible costs of the project, direct costs, indirect costs, cost reporting models, receipts of the project Community financial contribution, reimbursement rates, audit certificates, interest yielded by pre-financing provided by the Commission, payment modalities) and any provision obligation of Section 2 deriving from Section 1 do not apply to those contractor(s).
For further information please see :  FP6 Model contracts 
Category : Costs and funding
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