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Friday, 23 September 2016

1. Playing dirty against allergies and asthma

City dwellers will be interested to know that their children are five times more likely to develop asthma or allergies, respiratory conditions that will affect around half of the European population before 2025 and remain, so far, without a cure. The ERC project HERA, led by Prof. von Mutius, from LMU Munich, focuses on what determines this type of protection. [read more]

2. Research Headlines - A faster, more efficient way to search for patents

If you're among the growing ranks of entrepreneurs launching start-ups, you have probably already discovered how complicated, time-consuming and expensive it is to search patent databases to check if your bright idea is really new. European researchers are solving the problem with innovative search technology that will soon be implemented commercially. [read more]

Thursday, 22 September 2016

3. Artificial Intelligence & Ethics | Who Does the Thinking? - 15 November 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The advent and increased sophistication of autonomous systems offers significant potential benefits in diverse application domains including manufacturing and transportation, healthcare and financial services, exploration, maintenance and repair. As well as cost and risk reduction, potential benefits include enhanced productivity, precision and accuracy, better health outcomes, lower mortality and injury rates due to human error, as well as opportunities for greater human creativity. These are counter-balanced by a broad range of ethical, social, philosophical and legal concerns, including further dehumanising warfare, creating existential threats and damaging the fabric of human society. [read more]

4. Regional Workshop on "How to best attract talented researchers" - 25 April 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia

The purpose of this regional workshop is to fully inform ‘newcomers’ (research performing institutions and research funders) on the principles of Charter and Code and their implementation in the research institution via the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). The workshop addresses HR Directors and HR Managers in Research performing and Research funding institutions from FYRO Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro. It also addresses high-level representatives of universities, research centres as well as beneficiaries and potential applicants of H2020 contracts/projects who need to comply with article 32 stipulating the (best effort) obligation to take measures to implement the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (C & C) for the benefit of all researchers and their institution. [read more]

5. Research Headlines - 3D protein models developed to better understand diseases

Pioneering new microscopic techniques capable of achieving accurate 3D protein models could one day lead to new cancer therapies and treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's. Developed by EU-funded researchers, the techniques have also been used to study how to improve antimalarial drugs. [read more]

6. Success Stories - Dealing with danger: busy geniuses and watchful robots

Let's take a look at wasps, hawks and donkeys - not animals but special robots which can help save people in danger in the Alps. It's part of a European project called SHERPA. [read more]

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

7. ERA-Can+ Information Session in Hamburg, September 29 - 29 September 2016, Hamburg, Germany

DLR PT and its ERA-Can+ partners are helping European researchers access potential sources of European and Canadian funding. The information session features presentations of Canadian Funding Programmes open to Europeans, EU/German cooperation initiatives towards Canada and shows best practice examples of EU/Germany – Canadian collaboration. The session is free of charge and open to everyone interested. ERA-Can+ Information Session Date: Hamburg: September 29, 8:30 – 12:30 “EU-Canada Innovation Cooperation and Clusters”. [read more]

8. Events - Final conference of the IMPRESA project: the impact of research on EU agriculture - 4 November 2016, Rome, Italy

Registrations remain open for the Final Conference of the IMPRESA project on 4th November 2016 at the FAO headquarters in Rome. The event is of particular interest to academics, institutional representatives and decision-makers in the field of agricultural research and innovation, agricultural economics and related areas. The conference will provide an overview of the central insights emerging from the project and an opportunity to discuss the policy and research implications. It will feature presentations, an international panel of discussants, a poster exhibition and IMPRESA film screening to explain the findings from three years of investigation of research impact. [read more]

9. International VATS Symposium 2016 - 14-15 October 2016, London, United Kingdom

A fully interactive comprehensive symposium that covers all aspects of modern minimally invasive surgery. Providing all the elements to develop a successful advanced VATS programme including expert techniques. We will discuss the technical aspects of the most challenging procedures with international experts and share your most difficult cases with knowledgeable and skilled faculty. This postgraduate course emphasises the use of video-based education and in-depth discussion of technical details. We have 12 places for a Wetlab which you can now book alongside your VATS Symposium 2016 ticket. [read more]

10. MaculArt Meeting 2017 - 2-4 July 2017, Paris, France

Top Ophthalmologists from around the globe will be present to share their knowledge and discuss major advances in our field. The theme this year is "Imaging and Managing Macular Diseases". The scientific program will include clinical case sessions, poster sessions, free paper sessions, and 14 faculty sessions dedicated to exudative AMD, vein occlusion, diabetic maculopathy, myopic maculopathy, uveitis, and much more. Abstract submission deadline is February 27, 2017. Early bird registration deadline is April 15, 2017. [read more]

Items 1-10 of 70 – Page: 2  3  4  5  6  7