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Astronaut brings stars to Brussels
Fusion Expo 2010 opens Monday, 25 October 2010

Brussels, 22 October 2010

Bringing the stars to Earth is what fusion energy is all about. So who better to open the Fusion Expo 2010 than an astronaut!

The first Belgian astronaut, Viscount Dirk Frimout, will conduct the official opening on Monday 25 October at 14.00 at the Palais des Academies in Brussels. The Expo will then open to the public until November 15.

Visitors to the Expo will be able to experience fusion energy via a 3D interactive movie "Fusia", videos, scale models, info-panels and the ‘bicycle power station’. The exhibition will highlight fusion energy's potential as a durable energy source for the future. Guided tours are on offer for schools, firms or organisations.

The European Commission (Research DG) and the Belgium Fusion Association are co-hosting the exhibition under the auspices of the Belgian EU Presidency.

Trailer of the 3D interactive fusion movie "Fusia"

Online registration and more information about the Fusion Expo

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