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• Better use of Antibiotics • Breaking the optical transmission barriers
• Materials for clean air • Collaborative Spectrum Sharing • Food scanner

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Q: Are timesheets compulsory? (All Calls)
A: Timesheets for recruited researchers are not compulsory. For the purposes of the Certificate on the Financial Statement and in the eventuality of a technical audit, evidence that the fellow worked full time on the project can be provided through lab books, publications, conference abstracts, library records etc. All researchers must keep very detailed and dated notebooks recording their research activities. Besides, if the institution has their own rule that their staff must keep timesheets, they can of course be proof of time devoted to the project, but they are not essential for Marie Curie purposes. However, any personnel costs claimed under the management cost category (category G 2007-2010, category 4 2011 onwards) must be supported by timesheets (for further information see the question 'Can salary costs be claimed for management of the consortium/project?').

Category : Marie Curie Actions (FP7) ( ITN (Initial Training Networks) ) , FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) ( ITN (Initial Training Networks) ) , ITN (Initial Training Networks) ( Financial Aspects )