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Q: How is the Commission promoting research on nanotechnology in Europe?
A: The Commission's strategy in research funding is to develop nanotechnology with due regard to societal needs and likely benefits, and the competitiveness of European industry. The total amount dedicated to nanotechnology under the 6th Framework Programme for research was EUR 1.4 billion, with a further EUR 0.6 billion already allocated in 2007, the first year of the 7th Framework Programme for research and development for 2007-2013. The Commission has now become the largest single public funding agency of nanotechnology in the world, and accounts for a third of public funding of nanotechnology research in the EU. This funding is bearing fruit in terms of increasing industrial participation, patents and innovation. Some examples from recent calls for proposals are:
* Nanomedicine: Targeted drug delivery and tissue regeneration offer promise for the treatment of serious diseases like cancer.
* Nanostructured materials may be used for water remediation.
* Nanostructured catalysts may improve energy conversion (in solar cells or fuel cells).
* Nanostructured catalysts with tailor-made functional surfaces may also make industrial processes more efficient and more sustainable.
* Pilot lines to introduce nanotechnology-based processes into the value chain of existing industries.
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