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European Capital of Innovation Award 2017
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The economic rationale for public R&I funding and its impact

The Directorate-General for Research & Innovation (DG RTD) of the European Commission regularly carries out policy-oriented in-house analyses on the economic impact of research and innovation (R&I) investments and reforms.

The current paper highlights the economic rationale for public R&I funding, presents a number of empirical estimates about the impacts of R&I investment in general, and of public R&I in particular, and concludes that the impacts of public R&I funding are large and significant and that acts as a catalyzer to boost higher levels of productivity growth that are needed to accelerate economic growth and create more and better job opportunities.

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Closing the gap between light-duty vehicle real-world CO2 emissions and laboratory testing

Responding to a request submitted by the European Commission, the High Level Group of Scientific Advisors is analysing possible ways to close the growing gap between the CO2 emissions of passenger cars certified at type approval in the laboratory and their average real-world emissions.

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Integration of Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020: Participants, budget and disciplines

2nd Monitoring report on SSH-flagged projects funded in 2015 under the Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership priorities.To truly integrate Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020 is essential in order to ensure that the programme delivers on its high ambitions.