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Q: One of participants incurred no costs in given reporting period. Is he still obliged to submit the Form C and the audit certificate?
A: According to Article II.26.1 of FP6 Model Contract, for each period for which an audit certificate is required, each contractor shall provide an audit certificate prepared and certified by an external auditor (in case of public bodies a competent public officer may perform this task), certifying that the costs incurred during that period meet the conditions require by this contract. If no costs have been incurred, there is no necessity of submitting an audit certificate, as there are no costs to certify. It is recommended that the contractor submit a Form C with 0 costs, in order to ensure that there is no misunderstanding that this is a contractor who has incurred costs but has not submitted its Form C or that it is missing from those submitted. However, it is often sufficient to supply only the management report on the justification of resources.

Category : Contracts and legal issues