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Q: Could a project fund a US researcher as a consultant?
A: Yes, a project could fund a US researcher as a consultant , for example as a sub-contract for a service clearly identified in the text of the proposal. Please recall that: Subcontracting is for a particular defined task identified in the proposal. Subcontracting must be carried out according to rules set out in the financial regulations – that ensure that the best value for money is achieved. In other words, Entity A cannot decide to sub-contract a task to its subsidiary. It must show that this is the best value for money through e.g. public procurement. That said – a subcontractor can be located anywhere in the world.

Please note that there are also other possibilities under which costs of the participation from US researcher may be eligible: For instance, those costs might be considered as personnel costs under Article 6.2.A.2- Costs for natural persons working under a direct contract – if the conditions detailed in that article are fulfilled. Besides, it may also be possible that the tasks to be performed by the US researcher are in fact not part of the activities detailed in the description of work but they are necessary to implement action tasks by beneficiaries (e.g. technical support). In that case the contract with the US researcher would fall under Article 10- Purchase of goods, works and services rather than under Article 13- Implementation of action tasks by subcontractors.

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