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Q: Some clarifications concerning the interpretation of the first expected impact of the following topic are needed:
"A European eco-system for high TRL testing and validation of nano-composites, affordable and accessible for SMEs, through technical collaboration between RTOs and composite producers and through identification of all critical value chain players for the market introduction of the final product".
In particular, we would like to know what it is intended with “eco-system”?
Which kind of deliverables it should provide during the project and after its ending?
Is this impact connected to the “open-access” pilot line feature stated in the call project title?
A: The use of the word eco-system should be seen as a (more or less good) analogy to the harmonic functioning of living organisms with their environment.
We expect to see a coordinated network of pilot line, test and validation services developed for producers of nanocomposites (existing or new, including SMEs), and including the functions mentioned in the call scope.
Open access refers to the possibility of using this network of facilities by other users than the partners developing it.
This should allow users to progress their development to a stage where they will be ready to enter industrial deployment, such as the installation of an industrial pilot line for a specific purpose.

Category : LEIT - Nanotechnologies