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Q: NMP 20-2014 - Is a proposal that expands Constitutive Equations in scope of the topic NMP 20-2014?
A: The Call is about adding physics and chemistry to materials models, with a special need to expand discrete mesoscopic models. Mesoscopic models are defined as equations for the behaviour of (discrete) nanoparticles/grains and please note that the size of the application area is not a part of the definition of the model type (see the brochure referenced in the Call Text for definitions). Constitutive Equations are part of continuum modelling and they are often empirical relations not based on physics/chemistry principles. The Call does not exclude work on continuum models, but the proposal would not meet the requirement to add physics/chemistry, nor would it address the special need for discrete mesoscopic models to be addressed in this Call.

Category : LEIT - Advanced materials