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Carlos Moedas

Live broadcast of EP hearing for Commissioner-designate, Carlos Moedas,
today, 30 September (from 9.00 am)

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Q: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014 (EJD, EID) - Will it be checked whether the doctoral degree has actually been awarded in EID and EJD modes?
A: Fellows recruited under EID and EJD must be enrolled in the doctoral programme and are expected to complete their studies and for EJD receive the joint, double or multiple doctoral degrees. A formal commitment to award joint/double/multiple doctoral degrees is required in the proposal. Since the doctoral degree may be awarded after the EID or EJD project has finished, it may not be feasible in all cases to check during the project lifetime as to whether the final degree was actually awarded. However, such checks may take place after the conclusion of the project.

Category : MSCA - H2020 Innovative Training Networks