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Q: ERC - In which category do the costs of a Certificate on Financial Statements (CFS) have to be budgeted, 'other direct costs' or 'subcontracting'?
A: Certificates issued by external auditors have to be treated as 'subcontracting' costs. Therefore, they must not be included in the overheads calculation (Article II.15.2 of the General Conditions to the ERC Grant Agreement (Single and Multi-Beneficiary) Certificates issued by Competent Public Officers working inside the institution can be treated as 'other direct costs' or overheads if it is the usual practice of the Host Institution not to invoice these services. FP7 foresees the possibility for public bodies, secondary and higher education establishments and research organisations to opt for a competent public officer to provide these certificates, provided the relevant national authority has established the legal capacity of that competent public officer to audit this entity, the independence of the officer can be ensured and the officer is nominated following the correct procedure (Articles II.4.5 (Single Beneficiary) and II.4.6 (Multi-Beneficiary) of the General Conditions to the Grant Agreement). Arising costs are considered personnel costs, that have to fulfil the eligibility criteria and shall be supported accordingly, e.g. by means of timesheets.

Category : ERC - Cost Management for Grants ( Financial statements )