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Q: ERC - Are travel and other costs for experts and regular visitors eligible costs?
A: Reimbursement of travel expenses for experts who are not employed by the Host Institution may be considered direct eligible costs to the extent that the requirements for direct costs as listed in the Article II.14 of the General Conditions to the ERC Grant Agreement (Single and Multi-beneficiary) are fulfilled and the participation of these experts/visitors is duly foreseen in the Description of Work. The mentioned requirements raise issues such as: Are the costs consistent with the usual accounting and management principles of the Host Institution, are they reasonable and comply with the principles of sound financial management, are they recorded in the accounts of the Host Institution and can they be appropriately substantiated, is there is a direct link to the project (i.e. added value from the expert's participation)? The following details have to be included in the Description of Work to allow a verification of the costs' eligibility: Is there a short description of the role of the external expert? Is the participation of the expert on a one-off basis (i.e. not recurrent) and is the travel budgeted in the direct costs under the 'Other costs' category? (see page 63 of the FP7 Guide to Financial Issues)
For further information please see :  FP7 Guide to Financial Issues 
Category : ERC - Cost Management for Grants ( Direct costs )