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Q: ERC -Does the Principal Investigator need to dedicate an equal proportion of his working time each year to the ERC project?
A: The Principal Investigator is not obliged to spend an equal amount of his/her working time each year on the project. However, ERCEA encourages an even distribution through the duration of the project. Any special time arrangements need to be agreed with the ERCEA beforehand. Within the limits of the Work Programme Principal Investigators can decide independently which percentage of their working time they want to spend on the ERC funded project and will be reimbursed pro rata for this time as long as the distribution is in line with achieving the scientific objectives of the project. Principal Investigators will have to prove that they spend a concrete amount of their time on the project according to the applicable Ideas Work Programme. The Principal Investigator demonstrates which proportion of the working time (s)he spent on the project by way of the periodic reports. Timesheets must reflect the actual productive hours spent on the project.
For further information please see :  Ideas Work Programme 
Category : ERC - Cost Management for Grants ( Direct costs )