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Q: ERC - What is meant by 'portability' of a grant?
A: Portability means the transfer of the entire project or part of it to a new beneficiary. Like the initial Host Institution, the new Host Institution must comply with the requirements of the Rules for participation; and be established in an EU Member State or Associated Country. (Exceptions from the establishment requirement apply for the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and for International European interest organisations.) A transfer of the project may happen before signature of the grant agreement or during the implementation of the project. For a transfer of the project proposal before signature of the grant agreement: Please inform the project officer as indicated in the invitation letter. The change of Host Institution must be formally accepted by the ERCEA. A number of specific supporting documents will need to be provided before the ERCEA can reach a decision on accepting the change of Host Institution. For a transfer of the project during the implementation of the project: The Principal Investigator has to explain the nature and reasons for the move of the project to another institution as well as the added value of the move to the scientific output of the project or his/her career. A request of transfer of a grant shall be introduced by the initial Host Institution and will be subject to an amendment of the Grant Agreement by the ERCEA, (Articles II.34.3 (Single Beneficiary) and II.36.3 (Multi-Beneficiary) of the General Conditions to the ERC Grant Agreement). Once the amendment has been approved, the initial Host Institution must transfer documentation/ foreground and the part of the pre-financing received for the grant, depending on the case, to the new beneficiary. The new and the initial Host Institution will need to agree on the transfer of the project and all the related aspects so that the project can be pursued. The total Union contribution will not be adjusted.
For further information please see :  Rules for participation 
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