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Q: ERC - Does the change of authorised representative of a Host Institution require an amendment? Can a change of authorised representative be updated simultaneously for several projects with one request?
A: The change of Authorised representative of the Host Institution requires the confirmation of the change by the ERCEA via an information letter. Please send an email to inform about the change to the ERCEA amendment mailbox to start the process. The template for the request for change as well as the list of supporting documents will be sent to the beneficiary by email. Changes in NEF are no longer required from the beneficiary; these are done directly by the ERC Project Officer. The specimen signature of the new authorised representatives will be included already in the template for the request. The requests can be grouped in one information letter if the identity of the concerned person is the same for all the projects affected by the change (i.e. former authorised representative, new one, contact person).
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Category : ERC - Grant Management ( Amendments )