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Q: ERC - How flexible can a project be? Are significant changes to the direction of the project possible?, and how are changes implemented in the Grant Agreement?
A: ERC grants are flexible. Significant changes require an amendment of the Grant Agreement An amendment of the Description of Work (Annex I) is always requested for : • Removal/addition of tasks, or substantial changes in the distribution of the work between beneficiaries (in case of multi-beneficiary grants). • The introduction/ removal of third parties and/or subcontractor (exception for subcontracting of minor tasks). • The addition or removal of a beneficiary. Not all changes lead to an amendment of the grant agreement. For changes that relate to the budget breakdown only and which have no scientific impact an amendment may not be required. Adjustments will be registered at the time of the submission of the Periodic Financial Reports. Beneficiaries are encouraged to contact the ERCEA for advice if in doubt either via the scientific department or the project officer in charge of the project.

Category : ERC - Grant Management ( Amendments )