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Q: ERC - Is there a page-limit or set format for the Ethical Issues Description?
A: Yes, there is a 2-page-limit for the Ethical Issues Annex that is part of the proposal, if the answer to any of the questions in the Ethical Issues Table is 'YES'The Annex requests a brief explanation of the ethical issue(s) of the project and how they shall be dealt with appropriately. A copy of any authorization or permission that has already been obtained for the proposed work should be included (copies do not count towards the page limit). The Ethical Issues Annex and any related documents shall be uploaded into the 'Extra Annexes Upload' section of tab 'Part B & Annexes' in the Participant Portal Submission Service (PPSS).  Further information can be found in the ERC Guide for Applicants relevant for the call and on CORDIS. Information is also available on the European Commission Research - Participant Portal.  
For further information please see :  Participant Portal Submission Service (PPSS) 
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