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Q: ERC - What are degrees equivalent to a PhD?
A: The Ideas Work Programmes 2013 states that the eligible Principal Investigator must be a holder of a PhD degree or equivalent. It is recognised that there are a number of other doctoral titles that enjoy the same status and represent variants of the PhD within certain fields. All of them have similar content requirements. These cases will not be automatically considered eligible or ineligible but examined individually, as part of the ERCEA's decision on eligibility. Without further proof of additional training, first professional degrees cannot be considered as PhD-equivalent in themselves, even if recipients may carry the title 'Doctor'.For more information please consult the ERC policy on PhD and Equivalent Doctoral Degrees in the Ideas Work Programme 2013, Annex 9.?
For further information please see :  Ideas Work Programme 2013 
Category : ERC - Principal Investigator ( Consolidators Grant (CoG) )