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Q: ERC - Is a Medical Doctor degree equivalent to a PhD degree?
A: For medical doctors, a Medical Doctor (MD) degree will not be accepted by itself as equivalent to a PhD degree. To be considered eligible, Principal Investigators with a MD need to provide the certificates of both, the basic studies (MD) and a PhD or completion of clinical specialty training or proof of an appointment that requires doctoral equivalency (i.e. post-doctoral fellowship, professorship appointment). Additionally, candidates must also provide information on their research experience (including peer reviewed publications) in order to further substantiate the equivalence of their overall training towards a PhD degree. In these cases, the certified date of the MD completion plus two years is the time reference for calculation of the eligibility time-window (i.e. 4-9 years past MD). For more information please consult the ERC policy on PhD and Equivalent Doctoral Degrees in the Ideas Work Programme 2013, Annex 9.
For further information please see :  Ideas Work Programme 2013 
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