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Q: ERC - What about a Gender-Equality Plan in the ERC evaluation process, and is maternity leave part of the eligibility period?
A: The ERC has set up a gender-equality plan which aims at raising awareness among potential women scientists as applicants in order to improve the number of female applicants submitting ERC proposals in all research fields. It also aims at a fair gender balance among the ERC peer reviewers and provides for other measures to identify and challenge any potential gender bias in the ERC evaluation procedure. For more information, please refer to the Ideas Work Programme 2013, and particularly to Annex 7 titled 'ERC proposal submission, peer review and gender mainstreaming - CSA Call for Proposals '.Maternity leave is taken into account in the eligibility period for Starting and Consolidator Grant applicants (section 3.3 of the Ideas Work Programme 2013), and the ten-year track record for Advanced Grant applicants (section 6.4 of the Ideas Work Programme 2013).  

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