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Q: ERC - Can a Principal Investigator appear in more than one proposal as a Principal Investigator to the ERC at the same time? Is it possible to receive funding for more than one participation at the same time?
A: There are three main restrictions to be considered for PIs: (1) A    Principal Investigator may submit only one proposal to the ERC for ERC frontier research grant calls made under the same Work Programme.   (2) A Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator may hold only one frontier research grant from the ERC at any one time (NB : Co-Investigator projects were supported under the Advanced Grant in Ideas Work Programmes from 2008 –2011.)   (3)A Principal Investigator who holds an ERC frontier grant cannot submit a proposal for another ERC grant unless the existing grant expired no more than two years after the call deadline.   These rules apply to the Starting, Consolidator, Advanced and ERC Synergy Grants. They may be modified in future work programmes by the Scientific Council in light of experience. These restrictions do not apply, however, to Proof of Concept grants. (See annex 10 of the Ideas Work Programme 2013 and the relevant call for more information). As a team member, it is possible to participate in more than oneERCgrant. Please refer to section 3.3.4 of the Ideas Work Programme 2013 and to the relevant call for more information.  
For further information please see :  Ideas Work Programme 2013 
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