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Q: Science in Society, Call 5.2.1. "Gender and Research", Area "Strengthening the role of women in scientific research and in scientifc decision-making bodies", Topic Sis.2013.2.1.1.-1, could you please clarify which of the following calculation of the EC funding is correct, considering that in this case the "EU contribution will not exceed 70% of the total estimated budget for each proposal":

EU may fund 70% of:

direct cost + 7% of indirect costs


direct costs +20% of indirect costs
A: In general, please note that in case of the CSA-CA, CSA-SA funding schemes, for indirect costs – regardless from the beneficiaries’ selected indirect cost calculation method (ICM) - the EU contribution is limited to 7% of the direct eligible costs, excluding subcontracting and the costs of resources made available by third parties which are not used on the premises of the beneficiary. These 7% are not a flat rate (see explanations on Article II.15 of the model Grant Agreement).

Concerning your question on the call specific condition “EU contribution will not exceed 70% of the total estimated budget for each proposal”, this means that during the negotiation, based on the estimated (draft) budget a maximum EU contribution will be determined and be referenced under Article 5. of the Grant Agreement.

In conclusion: maximum EU contribution = 70% of total budgeted costs = direct cost +indirect costs (which is 7% of direct costs).

Category : FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) ( Science in Society ) , Science in Society