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Q: Can a non-ICPC third country participate in an ITN proposal as beneficiary? Can a non-ICPC third country coordinate the project?
A: Participation of Non-ICPC (Non-International Cooperation Partner Country) third country organisations, in a multi-partner Initial Training Network proposal is possible once the minimum country composition requirement is fulfilled (3 EU member states or FP7 Associated Countries). Usually an organisation in a Non-ICPC third country would be expected to fund their own participation since they are not normally considered for EU funding. If funding is requested, the proposal needs to present strong arguments to this effect. It must be demonstrated that the financing is essential to achieve the objectives of the research training programme. The coordinator organisation has specific coordination tasks including the responsibility of financial management for the whole consortium in all FP7 actions. Proposing a third country organisation as the Coordinator whose own participation and funding is subject to evaluation will very likely complicate the evaluation of the proposal and may be negatively assessed due to the special role and tasks of the Coordinator institution in our actions.

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