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Q: What are the core principles of the EU's new International Strategy for Research and Innovation?
A: International cooperation in research and innovation is not an end in itself. It is a means for the Union to achieve its higher level objectives, in particular by:
  • strengthening the Union’s excellence and attractiveness in research and innovation and its economic and industrial competitiveness;
  • tackling global societal challenges, such as food and energy security and climate change;
  • supporting the Union’s external policies.
To achieve these objectives, the strategy will follow a dual approach:
  • Horizon 2020 will be open to participation from entities from across the world, although the approach to providing funding from the Union budget to these entities will be revised. Through this general opening, European researchers will be free to cooperate with their third country counterparts on topics of their own choice;
  • To complement the general opening, targeted activities will be developed where cooperation will be sought on particular topics and with well identified countries and/or regions
A number of cross-cutting issues will also be an integral part of the strategy:
  • The partnership with the Member States will be strengthened, building on the work of the Strategy Forum for International S&T Cooperation;
  • Common principles for the conduct of international research and innovation activities will be developed and promoted together with key international partners, in order to create a global level playing field;
  • Research and innovation will make a stronger contribution to the Union's external policies.
For further information please see :  EU International Strategy for Research and Innovation  on the International Cooperation web site
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