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The Horizon Prize for collaborative spectrum sharing

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Q: Is it possible for an institution to participate as Coordinator in one ITN modality and as partner in another ITN modality? Is it possible for an institution to participate in the same ITN modality once as coordinator and in another proposal as partner?
A: Yes. One institution can participate in more than one ITN proposal. The applicant will indicate clearly under which modality each proposal will be evaluated by ticking the right box. This is to be indicated both in the A1 form and in the part B (cover page and header). Should an organisation be successful with several proposals, it will have to demonstrate that it has the capacity to implement them in parallel. If more than one proposal is submitted by the same institutions in different roles and/or in different modalities, any possible overlap in the work will be assessed and addressed during the negotiation.

Category : ITN 2013 call ( IDP (Innovative Doctoral Programmes) , EID (European Industrial Doctorates) )