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Q: For ERC Grant schemes: An applicant for an ERC advanced grant wants to include a second legal entity as participant in the project. 1. How shall the costs of the second legal entity be identified/specified in form B2, section 2 in the budget? Separately for each institution or only as total costs (in this case how would be the total budget distributed between the two institutions - where should this be specified)? 2. Do services of a third party involved in the project always have to be subcontracted (even in case of very low costs paid to this third party)? 3. Depreciation: Does all equipment (even if its costs are lower than 1500 EUR) need to be amortized before the end of the project? Are there any exceptions?
A: This question is no longer relevant so it has been removed from the FAQ database.
You probably found it through a search engine which "remembers" questions even after we delete them.
For further information please see :  Work programme on CORDIS 
Category : ERC grant schemes