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Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: The Role of Research

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Q: What the requirement in REGPOT-2010-1 for a 'legal entity established in a convergence region' means. In this case the proposed participant is located in Cornwall, a convergence region; but the department is part of the University of Exeter, whose legal seat is in Devon, not a convergence region. Does that disqualify them? Put another way, does 'established' mean 'operating in' or does it mean 'the address of whose head office is in' a convergence region?
A: The term 'established' means 'operating in' provided the applicant research Department/Faculty/etc. is indeed located in a convergence (or outermost) region. The 'host' legal entity might be located in another (non convergence) region. These research entities must not be a subsidiary or branch of another legal entity established in a different country.

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