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Q: Will the funding of salaries for technical staff to work at specific research facilities be considered as an acceptable cost in the FP7-REGPOT-2010-1 programme? The call mentions funding Experienced Researchers but it is not clear if technical staff (e.g. graduates, non-graduates) can be considered in this category or in any other within this call.
A: Only experienced researchers can be recruited. Detailed description of their profile should be given in the proposal. However, part of the salaries for current staff (including technical) involved in the project (e.g. for organisation of workshops, networking with partnering organisation, management, etc) can be covered according with their time spent performing the project tasks. No research costs are eligible under this call. The domestic rules concerning salaries should apply. Complements of salaries cannot be considered under this call.

Category : Research Potential ( Recruitment by the applicant of experienced researchers )