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Q: One of the researchers who is going to be in the project is not paid by the University participating in the proposal for a collaborative project but by a governmental agency. Thus, this agency must be present in the project as a 3rd Party. How should this be implemented in the proposal ? How should we indicate in the EPSS that the University carries a 3rd Party (which is not a partner itself of the project)? I've noticed a section entitled "Dependencies with other participants", but it seems it is used to show dependencies with partners of the project, not 3rd parties. Should we have a separate budget for this governmental agency (with only the researcher's salary costs) or can we include this cost in our budget ?
A: If the university reimburses the third party (agency), then the amount reimbursed constitutes beneficiary's eligible cost (if the eligibility criteria are met) and the fact that the person is not employed by the university is of no relevance. In such case, estimated costs should be included in the partner's budget - A3.1/A3.2 forms, 'personnel' row. If the university does not reimburse the agency, involvement of the person in question might be considered as a receipt (pursuant to Article II.17 of the GA) arising from contributions in kind. It is not eligible cost (as not incurred by the beneficiary) and will not be presented in the A3.1 and A3.2 forms (except when it is considered as a receipt - see the Article mentioned above - then should be presented in the 'receipts' row), but since it belongs to 'global' resources employed into realisation of the project, should be mentioned in part 2.4 of part B.

Category : FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) ( NMP )
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