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Q: What is the role of external Advisory Groups (EAGs)?
A: The role of EAGs is to provide the Commission with independent advice concerning the content and direction of research work to be carried out under the key actions of FP5. This includes providing input to the drafting of the detailed work programmes for the specific programmes of FP5 (including the programming of the calls for proposals and the criteria to be used for evaluating project proposals), establishing, whenever possible, quantified or testable objectives for attaining the aims of the key action. Thus, the EAGs advise on any reorientation necessary during the course of the implementation of the specific programmes. The EAGs give particularly important advice to the Commission on the implementation of the new "problem solving" concept embodied in the Framework Programme, by which science and technology are viewed as tools for reaching certain socio-economic objectives, rather than as ends in themselves.

Category : FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) ( External Advisory Groups (EAGs) )