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Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: The Role of Research

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Q: How can one apply to become a member of the external Advisory Groups envisaged for the 7th FP?
A: Since FP5, members of Advisory groups are now nominated "ad personam" by the Commissioner involved, and they participate in the groups in their individual capacity. As a consequence, there are not anymore calls for applications inviting appropriately qualified individuals to apply or organisations to put forward the names of possible members, as it was the case in FP5, and there has been no procedure set out for individual appliance. It is of course still possible for an individual to express the wish to be a member of an Advisory group, knowing that the Commissioner involved will remain free to nominate the personalities he/she deems the most adapted. The mandate, membership and written input of FP7 AGs are progressively made available on the Commission's website. The mandates (which are the same for all AGs) will provide you the main indications on Advisory Groups organisation and functioning.
For further information please see :  Advisory Groups for FP7 
Category : FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) ( External Advisory Groups (EAGs) )