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Q: Where can I find the right document?
A: The Commission issues a special information package for each call for proposals, which is available on-line on the page of the relevant call on CORDIS. The information package includes all background documents and forms needed to prepare a project proposal. Typically, this comprises: a) Call/Theme specific documents i) The work programme, which defines the priorities of the programme for the specific year; ii) The relevant Guide for Applicants, containing detailed information and advice for potential applicants Included in the information package for each call for proposals. b) General FP7 documents i) FP7 fact sheets that provide a quick overview of the 7th Framework Programme ii) The European Parliament and Council decision concerning the 7th Framework Programme iii) Regulation laying down the rules for the participation to the 7th Framework Programme iv) Council decision concerning the Specific Programmes v) Rules for submission of proposals and the related evaluation, selection and award procedures.

Category : FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) , Science in Society