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Q: Is the Consortium Agreement subject to approval by the Commission?
A: In principle, no. As a general rule, the consortium is obligatory unless the call specifies otherwise and it will be registered accordingly in the grant agreement, Article 1.4. It is however deemed to have been concluded but partners are not required to submit it for prior approval to the Commission. A checklist for guidance is provided at the following address: For SME actions, the consortium is required to provide a consortium agreement at the latest 2 months after the start date of project which will complement the grant agreement and its annexes as far as rights and obligations between beneficiaries are concerned. In any case, the consortium agreement or any other agreement concluded by beneficiaries may not affect the rights and obligations of the Community as established by the grant agreement and its annexes.
For further information please see :  Cecklist for guidance 
Category : FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) , Contracts and legal issues