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Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid
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This site is designed to help you find out about European Research & Innovation. Whether you are a researcher or a teacher, in business or in politics, there is something for you here. You can read about the latest political decisions, or the latest advances in research.

Although the site has over 25 000 pages you can easily find the parts that interest you most by using the A-Z page.

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Privacy, Data Protection and Cookies

For general information on privacy and data protection on the European Commission's web sites, see the Personal Data Protection section of the Europa Legal Notice.

Cookies are used only where necessary (for example, to prevent a pop-up survey window from appearing once you have completed the survey, or if you do not wish to do so) and are specifically mentioned and/or expire at the end of your session.

An exception to this rule is a cookie that collects anonymous traffic data for most pages on the site, which is not mentioned on the pages that use it and lasts beyond the current session, and another one used to store your preference regarding tool tips (descriptions) on the site maps, which is mentioned only in the associated help text. In addition, some pages use cookies for purely technical purposes associated with the technology used to produce the page (ColdFusion® in this case).



The top menu on these pages, and some other menus on the Research site (e.g. for the FP6 sub site) use the Ultimate Drop Down Menu system—by kind permission of the author. See for details.