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Q: NMP.2013.2.2-1 Biomaterials for Advanced Therapies and Medical Devices in the neurological/neuromuscular or cardiovascular fields Question:
The call clearly mentions “muscular dystrophy” as a disease. However it is not clear why muscular dystrophy may be appropriate for biomaterials research.
Regenerative medicine is well applicable to muscle dystrophy (stem cell therapy) but if this is the clue, biomaterial is intended to be stem cell therapy.
Can nanoconstructs (nanomaterials, nanoparticles, nanotubules) engineered with drugs such as antisense oligonucleotides or viral vector (gene therapy),or peptides, or cell, or combinations of these, be considered appropriate as “biomaterial” usable for muscular dystrophy new therapies?
A: This question is no longer relevant so it has been removed from the FAQ database.
You probably found it through a search engine which "remembers" questions even after we delete them.

Category : Industrial technologies ( Calls for proposals ) , Nanosciences, Materials, Production (NMP) ( Materials , Calls for proposals )