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Q: For ERC Grant schemes: I'm confused by the language of this statement from "ERC Grant Schemes Guide for Applicants for the Advanced Grant Call" about the funding "An ERC grant can cover up to 100% of the total eligible direct costs of the research plus a contribution up to 20% of the total eligible costs (excluding the direct eligible costs for subcontracting and the costs of resources made available by third parties which are not used on the premises of the host institution) towards indirect costs."Does it mean that a grant may cover all direct costs of the project (including, e.g. management and dissemination) plus indirect costs calculated as 20% (maximum) of direct costs? Or alternatively, does it mean that the grant cover only RESEARCH direct costs plus ONLY up to 20 % of other direct costs (e.g. dissemination and management) plus indirect costs calculated as 20% (maximum) of indirect costs? For example, will be the cost of a workshop aiming disseminate the results of the project, be covered in full or only up to 20%? Will it be covered in full the publication of monographies, which summarize the results of projects in full or only up to 20%? Please clarify (better with the reference on document of FP7).
A: As far as management and dissemination is concerned, it depends on the nature of the costs. They are either implemented by HI's own staff (i.e. personnel costs) or are outsourced (subcontracting).Regarding the calculation of the indirect costs: In order for costs to be eligible, they must be determined in accordance with the usual accounting and management principles and practices of the beneficiary, necessary for the conduct of the project and they have to be used for the sole purpose of achieving the objectives of the project and its expected results. Therefore, it has to be ensured that the tuition fees costs satisfy the criteria above mentioned in order to be eligible.As for audit fees, they are eligible for financing. However, in case they are outsourced and therefore indicated under subcontracting, the costs are excluded from the calculation of the indirect costs of 20%. In case of in-house service (e.g. internal auditors), the cost can be personnel and 20% is calculated on the top of these.More information can also be found in the Guide to Financial Issues relating to FP7 Indirect Actions ( in general, or in the Part II of the Guide for ERC Grant Holders ( in particular. Even if they are not legally binding, as the name indicates, they provide you guidance about the financial issues, including the eligibility of costs.
For further information please see :  Work programme on CORDIS 
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