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Thursday, 27 October 2016

1. 30th World Congress on Advanced Nursing Practice - 14-15 August 2017, Edinburgh,Scotland

Conference Series LLC extends its welcome to 30th World Congress on Advanced Nursing Practice 2017 during August 14-15, 2017 at Edinburgh, Scotland with a theme “Exploring latest innovations and advances in Nursing Practice". OMICS Publishing Group through its Open Access Initiative is committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community. We would like to solicit your gracious presence as a speaker at the upcoming the “World Congress on Advanced Nursing Practice ” conference during August 14-15,2017 Edinburgh, Scotland. [read more]

2. 3rd World Congress on Rare Diseases - 29-30 June 2017, London, United Kingdom

Rare Disease Congress is a two -day programme of presentations, panel discussions and interactive dialogue at the conference on leading the way in the Rare Disease research development, which will take place from June 29-30 2017 in London, UK Rare Diseases Congress-2017 meeting provides a forum for researchers in the field to share advances in Rare Diseases related topics ranging from basic scientific research to biomarkers and clinical development, and it also throw a light on thought provoking topics and recent research in the field of infectious related issues type of disease. [read more]

3. Autoimmunity and Immune systems - 9-10 November 2017, Madrid, Spain

Autoimmunity-2017 is to gathering people in academia and society interested in Autoimmunity to share the latest trends and important issues relevant to our field/subject area. Autoimmunity Summit-2017 brings together the Global leaders in Autoimmunity and relevant fields to present their research at this exclusive scientific program. [read more]

4. Fusion for Energy signs multi-million deal with Airbus Safran Launchers, Nuvia Limited and Cegelec CEM to develop robotics equipment for ITER

The contract for a value of nearly € 100 million is considered to be the single biggest robotics deal to date in the field of fusion energy [read more]

5. How migration affects children

More than 325,000 migrant children have been admitted to German schools since 2014. Due to emigration, an estimated 40,000 children live without parents in Romania, while in large urban areas in Ghana at least 35% of children are living with one parent or none. In Amsterdam, more than half of children and youth have a migrant background. For millions of young people around the world migration is part of their biographies. [read more]

6. Is digital mapping the new media?

Based at the University of Warwick (UK), Sybille Lammes’ ERC-funded research focuses on digital mapping practices - including those related to play. She sees them as new media cultures that influence and alter our way of being and moving through spatial environments. She is also the first to combine New Media Studies, Science and Technology Studies and Human Geography and thereby to tackle an original and mostly unexplored research field. [read more]

7. Research Headlines - Nano-sized protein particles promise healthy food revolution

An EU-funded scientist has identified a promising method of encapsulating bio-active molecules in protein-based systems, which could enable food-makers to develop tastier and more nutritious products. Long term, this will contribute towards a healthier population and help reduce diet-related diseases. [read more]

8. World ADC Berlin - 20-22 February 2017, Berlin, Germany

The last 12 months has seen a staggering amount of progress in ADCs. There are now 50+ compounds in the clinic; with approval of Pfizer's Inotuzumab Ozogamicin expected later this year. Coupled with this, there is a bulging preclinical pipeline of 92 ADCs and counting. This year's World ADC Berlin (20-22 February) program has been designed to reflect these progressive innovations developing next-generation ADCs. Bringing together 49 thought leaders in the ADC field; you will hear their lessons learned, discuss new data and debate your future opportunities. [read more]

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

9. Breast cancer month: Nanoparticles, a trap against cancer

Italian VersionWhat is your project about? [read more]

10. New light on emulsions

Emulsions are mysterious phenomena – at the molecular level, at least. Found in industrial products such as lubricants, foods such as milk and in each of our cells, emulsions are made up of tiny droplets of one liquid that are dispersed in another. The MINE project used an innovative spectroscopic light-scattering based method to study the molecules at the interface of these two liquids. This provides direct information about the molecules’ composition, orientation and environment – information that is useful for industry and developing new medicines. [read more]

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